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Have you had a loan or credit card from the following: Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, Barclays, First Plus, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Natwest, Picture, RBS, HBOS, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland or any other bank, other lender or broker?


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             Reclaim PPI Credit Cards




   Have you had ppi arranged on any of your         credit cards?


   Would you know how much they add up to?


   Have you ever checked these ppi costs or            challenged the card issuer?






                  PPI Claims Company




  Looking for ppi claims company?
  Our specialist ppi claims company can
  maximise ppi claims for you by requesting
  your file/s from the Lender or Credit Card
  Company. Once the file/s has been received
  we will assess your file free of charge and
  advise you of our findings.


Renaissance Claims Company PPI


Some PPI's have been sold to people who may never qualify

for a claim such as retired, employed, self-employed etc.
You may have been mis-sold a PPi policy and may have a valid ppi claim if the company, or its

agent, that sold you the policy failed in any one of these 13 areas:
If you can you answer yes to just one of the following simple questions then contact us.

PPi Compensation Questions - Answer Yes or No

- You were not in work or self employed at the time of sale
- You were told that you had to take the PPI out at the same time as the loan or not at all
- You were not asked whether you had any other insurance which would cover the loan
- You were not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the loan
- You were sold a policy which had age restrictions which you fell outside of
- You were led to believe that Payment Protection Insurance was compulsory
- You were told you would stand more chance of getting the loan if you took Payment Protection

- It was not explained to you that there were certain exclusions within the policy that could affect you
- You were pressured into buying the PPI
- You paid upfront for the PPI but it wasn't explained that some PPI policies could be paid monthly
- Your PPI was an upfront premium and you repaid the loan early and received no refund
- You increased your loan and the PPI was increased automatically
- The Terms & Conditions of the small print were not fully explained to you



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"My PPI claim was accepted very quickly

 and the process was explained clearly

to me by very helpful claims advisors."

Mr W from Bedford £7,629 from Barclays

"I was delighted with the service,

 they went the extra mile and secured

 a lot more compensation than doing

 it myself."

 Mr S from Hull £10,264 from Lloyds TSB

"It was all straight forward and simple.

 At each stage I was informed how

 my claim was progressing and what

 docmentation I needed to provide."

  Mr A from Maidstone £21,533 from Limited

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